CooperVision is an American contact lens manufacturer founded in 1980 and a world leader in soft contact lenses.

With the widest range of dioptric options1 and a combination of unique, innovative technologies, CooperVision is committed to helping people improve their vision every day.

The company’s philosophy is that no two eyes, no two contact lens wearers or two days are the same. That is why it offers a comprehensive range of disposable (daily) and reusable (monthly replacement) contact lenses to meet all lifestyle, budget, and vision correction needs.

CooperVision’s brands include the MyDay® disposable one-day, Biofinity®, clariti® 1 day and Avaira Vitality™ contact lens families, each designed to meet the needs of different contact lens wearers.

1 CVI data on file, 2019.

CooperVision contact lenses

MyDay® disposable one-day contact lenses

CooperVision MyDay napi kontaktlencse
CooperVision MyDay one-day contact lenses
CooperVision MyDay
CooperVision MyDay

Biofinity® contact lenses

CooperVision Biofinity havi kontaktlencse
CooperVision Biofinity monthly contact lenses
CooperVision Biofinity
CooperVision Biofinity

clariti® 1 day contact lenses

CooperVision clariti® 1 day napi kontaktlencse
CooperVision clariti 1 day one-day contact lenses
CooperVision clariti® 1 day
CooperVision clariti® 1 day

Avaira Vitality™ kontaktlencse

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