Contact lens checkup

For contact lens checkup, we welcome back those customers who have previously undergone a contact lens examination, where we determined the personalised parameters that have been used to order and provide the trial lenses that meet their needs. Whether you have had contact lenses before and we have decided to replace or change them, or you are trying the lenses for the first time, we will always carry out a checkup.

  • For daily (disposable) trial lenses, we will give you 5 pairs of lenses, of which you should wear 4 pairs, preferably on consecutive days, and come for a checkup with the 5th pair in your eyes.
  • For monthly lenses, we will give you 1 pair of lenses and after 1.5 to 2 weeks of wear, you will be examined with the lenses in the eye.

In both cases, if you have a complaint, come in sooner so that we can determine the cause of the problem.

During a contact lens checkup, we will examine the lenses in the eye based on objective and subjective criteria. If, based on our professional criteria and the satisfaction of the customer, we consider the contact lenses to be suitable, we will order a final prescription. If adjustments are required, we will order trial lenses again.

Booking an appointment is required for a contact lens checkup.

Price of the contact lens control:
  • first and second appointment: free of charge
  • from the third appointment: 8,000 HUF

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