ZEISS vision screening + Polatest

For customers visiting our Medicover Optics stores, we offer a free 8-step ZEISS vision screening on request, details of which can be found here.

If, in addition to the typical complaints (migraine, frontal sensitivity, behavioural and attention disorders, light sensitivity, tired eyes, dizziness, difficulty concentrating, travel sickness, double vision, 3D discomfort, field vision complaints) and the subjective vision screening test confirms the need or if you have already worn a prismatic correction, we will perform a Polatest examination. Hidden strabismus (heterophoria) is a visual defect that is not visible to the outside eye and is constantly corrected by our eyes to achieve satisfactory vision. As it is a constant muscular work, it puts a great strain on our body.

During the Polatest, we use a special method to test the combined work of the two eyes – after determining the dioptre. We use polarised lenses with polarised diagrams to adjust the degree and direction of the prism. In this way, we relieve the eye muscles of their constant additional tension and bring them back to a resting position. As a result, our body does not have to pull the displaced image back to the correct stimulation area; the lenses do.

Prismatic slit lenses are not visible from the outside and require continuous wear.

The Polatest takes longer, so our vision screening test takes 45 minutes.

Price of the complex vision screening (Polatest): 18,000 HUF

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